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Why you should go for Video Marketing in Digital World

Do you see a lot of Videos on Digital Platforms like Youtube and Social Media?

Every second post on your News Feed is a Video.

This is because Video Marketing helps immensely in growing audiences, generate leads, the conversion rate is higher, greater ROI and many other video marketing benefits.

Neil Patel, a famous Digital Marketer, spent $144,000 on Videos in 2018 and the main reason he quotes is typical content marketing has been saturated.

Gary Vaynerchuk loves posting out videos on Social Channels and has built a massive audience through this strategy.

Why Video Marketing is so effective?

There are 2.34 billion social media users across the world according to Statista and this is expected to grow as years proceed.

The only reason I see is the video content has played an important role in making social media usage so much. People are addicted to watching videos on social media.

Types of video can be funny, short clips of movies, motivational videos, and the list goes on.

We can also observe now how we see video ads regularly on Social Platforms. Youtube and Facebook Video Ads are now very much common and we are immune to it.

Videos create a Larger Impact:

It is a common saying “A picture speaks a thousand words” and then you can yourself imagine video marketing importance what impact does video creates.

Humans tend to believe those things which they observe with their own eyes.

If you tell someone a story in a room of 10 people, they all will visualize and perceive things differently according to their mind. But if you make them watch a video, everyone will be on the same page.

That’s the power of videos and should be the core aspect of the Digital Marketing Strategy.

Reachability to a massive audience:

Brands and Institutions have come to a realization and they’ve already started Online Video Marketing for their products or services.

When you read about a product or service, you may not be moved as much but when you see how this product functions through video then you might be convinced to spend money on that product.

Relationship Building:

With the help of videos, you can build a relationship and loyal audience more effectively.

If an individual is greatly skilled at persuasion then these communication skills can greatly help in creating a massive following.

Public speakers use Video Marketing strategies effectively to build a large following and then create income streams through paid consultation.

Engagement Rate is far better for Videos:

Compared with blog posts, video content has far better engagement rate and leads to a higher conversion rate. This is why video marketing is an effective marketing tool.

The importance of videos can be illustrated in a way that Netflix subscribers are 69.1 million just in the United States.

Videos Explain Better:

Whenever there is a confusion or a problem arises, Videos are the first go-to option for a solution.

Things can be illustrated in a limited way through pictures so a video helps a lot in greater understanding.

That’s why if a business is offering a product or service that is not commonly understood then explainer videos on the homepage helps in conversions.

Higher Return on Investments:

When companies include videos for there products or services then surely it will lead to higher ROI through conversions.

Buyers may find it difficult to read long descriptions and persuasive paragraphs, so a short video with the help of animations and video editing software, it can be a great awareness tool for lazy buyers.

Video Marketing Platforms

video marketing platforms

#1 Platform for Videos which comes in everyone’s mind is YouTube. The secret behind YouTube’s success is it works as a Search Engine and users can find their target video in a matter of seconds. The suggestions immediately pop-up when you start typing.

Youtube has existed since ages and contains a huge database of videos. They also have been able to motivate video creators to create more and more quality videos and earn through Youtube monetization. Youtube also generates tons of traffic to the website and conversion rates are increased dramatically.

When you create videos, target audiences automatically tend to click on a powerful call to action and you can create leads for your business.

Video content on Facebook has increased immensely and every second post might be a video in your News Feed. This is due to a sharp increase in smartphones usage with access to high-quality cameras. Snapchat and Instagram stories have played a key role in instigating people to make videos on daily basis.

Moreover, Facebook has started to pay for Video Creators to Page Owners. There are certain Monetization Eligibility Standards to meet before starting to earn through social video. Engagements and click through rate need to be maximized for the people who are watching the video.

How to start video marketing?

If you are a business owner then you obviously will have to hire a video production company who are able to provide you the resources with minimum costs. The equipment and skilled labor are expensive if videos needed to be created are low in number so you can outsource this work for few videos.

As a marketing agency, all-sufficient video production tools like camera, video editing software and skilled individuals need to be hired to create effective campaigns for clients.

As an individual to learn video production and content marketing, there is a strong need to invest in yourself before proceeding. Techniques can be learned through Youtube explainer videos and paid courses, but equipment is necessary to be purchased for practical experience.

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