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We’ve written our Privacy Policy to make clear to our users on the access of data we have when a user visits . In the paragraphs below, the use of “us”, “we”, and “our” refers to Scaling Fortunes Team.

Each of the website visitors is important to us and we don’t make any attempts to steal any private and confidential information. There is some really generic information that is collected by our webmaster tools to understand better our web audience.

Kindly note that this privacy policy is subject to change in future as per the new trends and laws. We’ll notify our users when there is any change to the clauses of Privacy Policy. Below is the privacy policy statement of Scaling Fortunes and we don’t endorse other website policies which we are linking to in our articles.

There are no contact forms provided on our website and users can communicate with us through direct email. We don’t store the email contact information in our databases and only use if for the sole purpose of communication through email servers.

Cookies Policy

This website places cookies in your browsers to enhance the user experience of our website. Cookies provide personalized user experience to our visitors and you can fast load our webpages. Cookies store IP Addresses and Browser Information to identify the users.

Web Analytics

We have installed Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics to analyze our website traffic. You can read more about Google Analytics here. We do not intend to get any confidential information and all the details are generic like traffic source, type of device used and other information.

You should feel completely safe browsing our website and read some valuable articles. Cheers!

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